Welcome to our restaurant!

Irasshaimase… Youkoso!

Quality ingredients, authentic flavors, fresh produce... These are the brick and mortar values that our Issei has been built upon. Issei Noodle opened its doors to the community of Carlisle, PA back in April of 2007.

Since then, Naomi and Robert Pham (more affectionately known as Mama and Papa) have taken their passion for food and combined it with their love of family to create what Issei embodies: a warm environment and a place where people can create and share memories alongside the experience of “old” or traditional flavors with a new “phamily” twist.

KEEPIn' It Fresh

Even though our menu has gone through some changes, our goal to bring you, your family, and your friends delicious food and lasting memories that remain unchanged.

we are blessed

We are immensely blessed and so extremely grateful to additionally be serving the community of Lancaster, PA. Faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, hard work and long hours, and the support of our loyal friends and customers have carried us here and will continue to take us far into the future.

By choosing to dine with us, you have entered our home, our hearts, and our family.

We look forward to serving you with the same foods that bring our own family together around the dinner table.

As our little Phamily continues to grow, we look forward to creating new memories and flavors to share with all of you.

It's pronounced "EE-SAY"

Come check out ISSEI NOODLE and taste what it's all about!