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Est. 2008


BEST OF 2020!

Issei Noodle Carlisle just won BEST IN CUMBERLAND COUNTY 2020 (by the Sentinel Newspaper) for Asian Restaurant!
Issei Noodle Lancaster just won BEST IN LANCASTER COUNTY 2020 (by Lancaster County Magazine) for Asian-Fusion Restaurant!

Issei + Commons Company

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out this contact-free delivery/pick-up service offered by Commons Company... now is the time to do so!

The hearts and minds behind some of your favorite shops (Prince Street Cafe, Passenger, etc.) came together to innovate a brand new way to support local vendors while maintaining safe social distancing and self-quarantining protocols.

Fresh produce, locally butchered meat, dairy products, bakery items, prepared meals and snacks, gardening supplies, coffee, liquor and spirits, our DIY Ramen Kits, and so much more are available for you to shop for through their online ordering hub. Prepared and packaged fresh, with the utmost care, by the independent brands and names that you know and love as your neighbors and your friends. The quality can’t be beat when you know just who your products are coming from, ne?

Issei is proud (and simultaneously humbled) to join the list of vendors featured on this platform to help bring our unique flavors into your homes. It is our goal to lend a hand in Commons Company’s effort to support the community, in any way possible, especially if it comes in the form of tasty comfort food and silly slurping sounds.

Share this platform, and share the love for locally owned small businesses!!


welcome to issei "ee-say" Noodle


We didn't invent ramen... we just are doing our part to make it famous.

We started Issei (pronounced “ee-say”) so that we could share our love for authentic, japanese-inspired family recipes with the world. You’ll have to stop by and see for yourself why we love ramen.

issel noodle Issei_DRW_4175
issel noodle Issei_DRW_4153
Photo credit: Jason Varney | NYT
the experience


Robert and Naomi opened the first restaurant in 2008 in Carlisle. His son Andre, and his wife Donna, opened the Lancaster location in 2014.

With unapologetic homage to their blended vietnamese and japanese heritage, Issei brings a smile to both corners of your mouth.

Come and see.

as seen in:

New york times

We were honored to be featured alongside of many of our friends and local entrepreneurs in the food and dining industry in New York Times.


You haven't had authentic ramen dishes until you've tasted ours.

(Photo credit: Jason Varney | NYT)

a few favorites

Here’s a few of the fan favorites – more to come!


Spicy Tan-Tan Ramen


Pad Thai


Okinawa Yakisoba


Asian Sesame


Haru Ramen


Spicy Ginger Chicken


andre & DONNA

We opened our location in Lancaster so we could spread the love to the community where we lived - and carry on the tradition of wow-ing taste buds that our parents taught us.

Our passion for all-things-ramen will be evident when you taste our food. 

What are you waiting for?

full website coming soon!

Check back soon and see what we've got to show you.

I love this restaurant. Their food is so good! Their prices are fairly reasonable too! Customer service is great. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The food is amazing and I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life. YUM

Kelsea / Local Google Guide
5-Star Google Review

It's pronounced "EE-SAY"

Come check out ISSEI NOODLE and taste what it's all about!